To restore is to reinstate or make whole again. It is our desire to see people fully restored physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 2 Chron. 7:14


Ashleigh's Patience Project was established as a means to educate women and girls on the dangers of emotional and physical domestic abuse and sexual violence.


Rwanda Missions
Summer 2018 (Dates TBD)

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Restoration Boutique

Restoration Boutique is our local shop that works to bring the love and generosity of Christ to our community. This store is set up like a high end resale boutique except that there are no price tags. We want people to come and take whatever they want or need and make a monetary donation in any amount to our ministry work so that we can continue blessing people. We have seen so many wonderful things through operating in this manner. Single mothers have broken down and cried because they are now able to fully clothe their children and are given the opportunity to bless others with whatever they can. One of our regulars is a local homeless man that we have loved on over the past year. One day he came in and gave us a $50 bill. We told him that we did not want to take his money that we were blessing him with the item he wanted in the store. He told us that we were not taking it but that he was giving it to us because he wanted to be a blessing to other people. Interactions like this let us know that we are planted and doing exactly what the Lord would have us do. Come see us and experience Restoration Boutique!

Proverbs 11:25 says, "The generous will prosper. Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed."

We accept donations of clothing (men, women, and children), shoes, jewelry, furniture, home decor, vehicles, real estate and more.

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