Sponsor a Child

Change the world....one life at a time!

Meet our Children…and if you feel a tug at your heart, we invite you to sponsor one of our children in Rwanda or Uganda. Your $38 a month sponsorship helps provide food, shelter, clothing, an education, and medical care. Join us in making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in Africa. Monthly sponsorship helps us provide consistent support and care for the children entrusted to us.

7 Orphans - RWANDA

These 7 children were orphaned in the fall of 2015 when parents died unexpectedly 8 days apart. Our team was notified when because the children were found wandering from house to house with no permanent place to stay. They were described as “malnourished, tired, and miserable”. Since we found them, the children have been enrolled in school for the first time and have recovered from the effect of malnourishment. We have identified extended family that is willing to take care of them but is in need of much support. We need to fulfill their sponsorships to help ensure their ongoing care.

Sibling Group - RWANDA

Vestine is the mother of this 8 child sibling group living in extreme poverty. The father works away from home as a security guard making only $0.36 per day. They live just within walking distance of Keza Empowerment Center. This family tugged at our hearts as the small children came to greet us every morning when we arrived. As we got to know the children and heard their stories, our hearts knitted to theirs. The children were covered in ringworm, wearing tattered clothes, and obviously hungry. On Sunday morning, we arrived and asked to see their mother. They told us that she was at church. When we asked why they were not with her, they said that the people in the church chase them away because they are too dirty and the people are afraid of them spreading disease. Our hearts melted; we had to intervene. Will you partner with us and help us break the cycle of poverty with this family? Vestine, the mother, will enter our sewing program to begin to earn an income on her own. With this family, we will start on basic needs and education.

Sibling Group - RWANDA

This sibling group was abandoned by their mother and left with their disabled father who struggles to provide for his children.  We want to see these children through school and given a chance to succeed in life.  

Children in our Program - RWANDA

This grouping is of young single mothers who have one child that they are struggling to raise on their own.    

Foster Family - RWANDA

This sweet family has become one of our foster families. They agreed to take in foster children through NCC (equivalent to CPS) without the promise of any financial help. We love this about the foster families in Rwanda; however, we know they need help. Chantal and her husband run a small shop and are very poor. They took in two foster kids, Joshua and Liliane, whose parents are both in jail. Joshua and Liliane had to stay in jail with their parents until Chantal and her husband stepped up and agreed to take the children into their home. Joshua and Liliane have been with Chantal since April 2018. Chantal has barely enough to feed the children so school is not an option. Chantal also takes care of her nephew Yasipi. NCC contacted us and asked if we could partner with this family. After meeting them, we were happy to do so! Will you partner with one of these children and be their hope for a better future?

Sibling Group - UGANDA

This family is our first family to begin helping in Uganda. We already have a full sponsorship for the oldest daughter Judith, and she is doing well in boarding school. We received a video from the family thanking God for the miracle of Judith being able to go to school. Below are Judith’s siblings who are excitedly waiting for their miracle to be able to go to school too! Will you be that miracle?