In the Spring of 2018, we opened Keza School of the Arts in Rwanda. This sponsorship page will be devoted to the vulnerable women in the community who are going through this program. The cost for education and supplies is $25 a month for 15 months or $375. Your sponsorship will help to forever change the course of lives of these women.


Vestine is a single mother of 3 children who was abandoned by her children. When she was younger, she was forced to drop out of school because her parents could not afford to educate her. Becoming a tailor has been a dream of hers that she did not think was attainable due to the cost of school. She was desperate to have a chance in our school. She works hard, never misses a lesson, and truly has a passion for sewing. Her dream is to open her own shop and make clothes when she completes her training. For Vestine to successfully complete her training, she needs a sponsorship of $25 per month for 15 months or $375. Will you partner with Vestine and help make her dreams a reality?

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