Restoration, Freedom, Deliverance

When I first began I Will Stand International, a ministry with the purpose of being a tool that the Lord would use to rescue, restore, equip, and empower women and children all around the world, I told the Lord that I did not just want to put a band-aid on issues or do character development. I wanted to see real change, restoration, transformation, and freedom at a foundational level.

In my early 20’s, I struggled with depression, anxiety, fear, and suicidal thoughts coming out of a 10 year period in a domestic violence household as a child with physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse. I “got my act together” in my early twenties so that I could function, and quite honestly, I got tired of just crying in bed all day. I made a choice to function. I chose life. However, I wasn’t healed, and I wasn’t free. Over the course of 15 years, as I cried out to the Lord, sought him, and asked him to heal all my broken pieces, He slowly healed me and delivered me from the internal oppression. Throughout that time, I couldn’t articulate how I was healing, I just said Jesus. While that is accurate, I was internally battling oppression and overcoming by surrendering it to Jesus day by day.

A few years into IWSI, we bumped into some witchcraft in Africa and some severely tormented and oppressed Christians here locally which caused me to question and dive in for answers. Michael shared with me about deliverance and pointed me to some good (there is a lot of crazy) deliverance ministries. For four years, I studied and prayed with people. We even went through a demonic attack with one of my children in which the Lord guided me through. Had I not been already seeking and studying, she would be on meds right now, but she is not and instead is walking in complete and total freedom. Praise the Lord who provides before we have need.

There was one woman that kept coming back to me desperately seeking freedom, but we were stuck. I remembered Don Dickerman Ministries and connected with them.

For the past 2 months, they have been training me in deliverance. I had a pretty good knowledge from my self study, but they trained me in efficiency and effectiveness and for that I am forever grateful. Their generosity with decades of knowledge and experience will make an eternal impact through me and IWSI. The Lord answered my prayer from 8 years ago about not wanting to just promote behavior modification, but to deal with hurts, hang-ups, brokenness, and feelings of being stuck at a foundational level. I am so grateful for the opportunities that the Lord has given me to be his tool to help and see people walk in complete freedom…to battle the external enemy from a place of full rest and peace instead of trying to fight through the heavy weights of internal oppression. I have had the opportunity to see people instantly go from heaviness to lightness, from burdened to joyous, and all the negative chatter in their mind removed which helps them to see, hear, and walk more fully with the Lord.

I stay in a constant state of awe at how much the Lord loves us and desires for us to live like Adam and Eve in the garden before the fall: at complete peace internally and in constant communion with Him.

By His Grace, I am me.

Andrea Williams


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