Deliverance FAQ

1.  How long will the deliverance session last?

Each session could last anywhere between 1.5 to 4 hours but typically around 2-3 hours.

2.  Is there a cost for the deliverance session?

We do not charge for the deliverance session.  We do welcome a donation to IWSI so that we are able to continue the work we do.   We are always grateful for generosity towards our ministry.

3. Do you travel to do deliverance sessions?

We do not travel to do individual sessions.  Periodically, we do travel to meet with groups and schedule multiple deliverance sessions over the span of several days.  Please contact us directly if you are interested to discuss details. 

3. Do I need deliverance?

We believe that every Christian needs to go through deliverance.  Jesus died so we could live a life of freedom.  We can receive demons from:

          1.  Generational Curses (Exodus 20:5 & Deut. 28) 

          2.  Trauma – abuse, car accidents, trauma during birth, surgeries, rape, unexpected                           death, war, or any other type of trauma   

          3.  Any Unforgiveness (Matthew 18:32-35)

          4.  Coming into agreement with the lies of the demons instead of God’s Word such as                     “You are not good enough.”  “You might as well give up.” 

          5.  Sin – anything that is in disobedience to God’s Word:  abortion, secret society or                            occult involvement (Freemasons, tarot cards, witchcraft, Ouija boards, etc.), lying,                        harboring anger, sexual impurity/perversion, dishonoring your body, doubt,                                    unbelief, pride, criminal activity, pornography, and blasphemy.

4. What are “symptoms” of having demons?   

This will not be an all inclusive list, but some evidence of demons operating in one’s life are:  mental issues, confusion, a life of chaos, many traumas, compulsions towards certain behaviors even though you want to stop, difficulty connecting to God, rebellious, need to be in control of things, fear, anxiety/panic attacks, depression, hopelessness, insecurity, bitterness, violent thoughts, suicidal thoughts, hatred, perverted sexual desires, criminal activity, chronic illness and many more.  

5. What can I do to prepare for my deliverance session?

We will email some prayers to you prior to your session which will help prepare you for your session.  The biggest thing is that you come desiring to be free and coming surrendered to the process of being set free.

Deliverance Ministry