Monthly Sponsorship: FISTON, Male, DOB: March 9, 2019

$38.00 / month

3 sponsor(s) needed


Fiston is Vestine’s youngest child.  She was pregnant with him when we first met the family in 2019.  A partnership with Fiston ensures that all his basic need are cared for, and he gets the education needed to help him break out of the cycle of poverty. Fiston’s biggest desire right now is to be able to go to preschool. Your sponsorship helps this dream come true for Fiston.

IWSI moved Fiston’s mother and his siblings out of a domestic violence situation in May of 2023 and established his mother with her own business as a seamstress and braiding hair for local women. Eight children are a lot for any mother to take care of on her own. Social programs do not exist in Rwanda. IWSI in partnership with you are the hope that the Lord has sent to this family. Let’s help break the cycle of poverty and abuse in the lives of these children and give them an opportunity to chase their dreams.  Will you partner with Fiston? Your sponsorship helps cover the cost of education, medical insurance, medical care, tutoring services, biblical education, advocacy support, and help in times of crisis.

Date of Birth:  3/9/2019

Dream: To attend preschool