Monthly Sponsorship: Naomi

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25 year old mother in need of a monthly sponsor.

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The case of Naomi and Thierry was an urgent rescue case. We believe that the Lord placed Naomi in our path. Naomi was born on December 25, 1992. Her father passed away, and she grew up very poor. She came to Kigali to try and find work. She worked as a house girl and met a man. They married and she was pregnant within one month. After a humiliating and shameful situation of her husband bringing another man into the house and expecting the three of them to share a bed to sleep each night, Naomi stood her ground and slept alone on the floor. Her husband was upset that she did not like his friend. Not too long afterwards, her husband abandoned her. Naomi lost her job once her employer realized she was pregnant. Naomi lost the small house she was in and the few belongings she had. She resorted to having to beg for food and shelter and soon after gave birth to Thierry. Both lived on the streets until our team intervened. Will need you to stand with Naomi and Thierry and help us help them have a better life?.