Keza Sewing School Sponsorship: PATRICE, 19 years old


This sponsorship covers completion of our 1 year sewing program.  Students, at the end of this program, are able to gain employment or start their own business.

1 sponsor(s) needed


Patrice’s father passed away when she was in primary school.  Her mother was no longer able to afford to send Patrice or her siblings to school.  Patrice currently does odd jobs.  It can be common for young girls in poverty to be lured by men with the promise of money and a better life which often leaves them pregnant, trapped in an abusive situation, or eventually turning fully to prostitution.  This seems like an easy solution at first but comes with many troubles.  Patrice sees the importance of gaining a skill to help her mother take care of her siblings.  She wants change and growth in her life.  Will you help Patrice break the cycle of poverty?

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