Keza Sewing School Sponsorship: MARIE ROSE, 22 years old


This sponsorship covers completion of our 1 year sewing program.  Students, at the end of this program, are able to gain employment or start their own business.

1 sponsor(s) needed


Due to poverty, Marie Rose was lured by a man who gave her some money for some personal items and later got her pregnant and disappeared.  She needs some skills in order to survive so as not to have to rely on men or prostitution.  Tailoring has always been an interest, but she has not been able to afford a program.  She is determined to change the course of her life and break the cycle of poverty.  She desperate wants a chance to join this program  She sees the program as a way to add value to her life…a life that many people have hard time seeing value in.  Our director believes that she will work hard to provide a respectable life in which to raiser her daughter.  Will you partner with Marie Rose and show her that her life has value?

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