Keza Sewing School Sponsorship: ESPERANCE, 22 years old


This sponsorship covers completion of our 1 year sewing program.  Students, at the end of this program, are able to gain employment or start their own business.

1 sponsor(s) needed


When our director was interviewing Esperance, she said that she looked scared and was shaking.  When you hear her story, you will understand why…

Esperance was orphaned at a young age and raised by a poor foster family that could not afford to send her to school.  She did not know when she was born and Judith said that she looked like she was guessing her age.  Esperance had been going to different tailoring shops and asking for lessons but everyone wanted payment.  When Esperance heard of our program, she immediately came over to “try her luck”.   She was married off young and has 2 children.  Her husband does not work and Esperance desperately wants to gain a skill that will help her take care of her family.  She has never had a chance in her life to something that she wants to do.  She is stepping out despite her fear and uncertainty and making a decision that could have a huge impact on her life.  Empowerment will give her confidence in a life where she has always been controlled by everyone around her because of dependency.   Will you help Esperance get the training that she needs to stand strong?

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