Keza Sewing School Sponsorship: Devotha, 30 years old


This sponsorship covers completion of our 1 year sewing program.  Students, at the end of this program, are able to gain employment or start their own business.

1 sponsor(s) needed


Devotha is married and has 2 children.  She had to drop out of school due to poverty.  In Rwanda, families must pay for their children to go to school or often older siblings are forced to drop out so they can help provide resources for the family.  Devotha was forced to marry when she was young; however, she has now accepted her situation but wants to bring change.  She has always wanted to do something with her life.  Currently she stays at home and is completely dependent on her husband with no voice in the household affairs.  This cause quite a bit of argument.  She has always dreamed of being a dress maker and when she heard of the opportunity to pursue her dream through our program, she came and applied.  She is hoping that by realizing her dream that she will be in a position where her children can complete school and are never forced to marry.

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