Keza Sewing School Sponsorship: ANN, 19 years old


This sponsorship covers completion of our 1 year sewing program.  Students, at the end of this program, are able to gain employment or start their own business.

1 sponsor(s) needed


Annwanitho (Ann) was unable to complete school due to poverty.  She is the oldest child so was sent off to be a house girl so that some of her younger siblings might have a chance to go to school.  As a house girl, she was mistreated and ended up working for no pay.  Eventually, she returned to her mother’s house.  Currently, she is idle which is not a good situation for a young girl to be in as many can take advantage of her.  She says that she has always wanted to go into tailoring and believes that this opportunity will help give her skills that can will help her become self sustaining and keep her in a place where people will be unable to take advantage of her.  Ann needs your sponsorship so that together you and her can break the cycle of poverty in her life.