Help needed in Rwanda

There are many tangible ways to help us move forward in Rwanda. Currently, we have our emergency rescue shelter established: Agape Home. Agape Home takes in emergency cases and works restore, equip, and empower women and children so they can be successfully reintegrated back into the community. Here are some ways you can help:


Sponsoring one of our vulnerable women or children is a great way to help us each month. Sponsorship helps us provide consistent, stable care in the midst of very unstable living conditions. For only $38 a month, you can pour into a life and help us impact the world. Visit our sponsorship page to meet our women and children.

Agape Home Needs

Interested in helping to sponsor some specific needs each month at our emergency shelter? Here are some area you could help.
Agape Home Monthly Needs

Land for Agape Village

Our long term vision in Rwanda is to build out a community of restoration and healing, equipping and empowering. We have chosen a plot of land with several buildings on it that will be the first of many plots in Agape Village. It is located within walking distance to Hope Haven, an American run school, that we currently send our Agape kids to each semester. The cost of this plot of land with buildings and improvements is $10,500.