Sponsorship II

Meet our Children...and if you feel a tug at your heart, we invite you to sponsor one of our children in Rwanda. Your $38 a month sponsorship helps provide food, shelter, clothing, an education, and medical care. Join us in making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children in Rwanda, Africa. Monthly sponsorship helps us provide consistent support and care for the children entrusted to us.

Steve Cyubahiro

On August 1, 2016, we were called by government officials to intervene on behalf of Steve. Steve is estimated to be 3-4 years old, but due to malnourishment, he is the size of an average 2 year old. Steve lived with his alcoholic father who continuously beat him and threw him into walls. Eventually, his father threw him into the streets. A very poor family took him in but was unable to feed him. Extremely concerned about his welfare the NCC (Rwanda's CPS) called us to intervene. We need supporters to connect with Steve. He had no one that cared about him until he came into Agape Home. Will you step up and STAND in love with Steve? He needs you.
STEVE, estimated to be 4-5 years old

Needs 3 monthly sponsors


18 years old Nicole came to Agape Home as a last hope. She was kicked out of her father's home for becoming pregnant, and she was living on the streets. Street women rallied around her enticing her into prostitution as a way to support herself and her malnourished looking daughter, Katrine. We were introduced to Nicole as a way to intervene to keep her from choosing a life of prostitution as a means of survival. Nicole and her daughter Katrine came into our care in December of 2015. With help from our supporters, Nicole has been able to go back to school which will give her and her daughter a real chance at a successful life. Her daughter, Katrine, is fully sponsored by a wonderful woman that surrounds her in prayer daily. Are you the one to finish out Nicole's sponsorships to ensure that she is able to finish her schooling and save her from the life of a street worker? We hope so!

Needs 3 monthly sponsors

KATRINE, 2 year old female

Fully sponsored!


Needs 4 monthly sponsors

Henriette and her mother were staying at our emergency rescue shelter in the Spring of 2017 after a life of living on the streets. Henriette's mother decided to return to the streets and abandoned Henriette. Our team secured her future with a family willing to invest love and raise her in a family. Sponsorships for Henriette help care for her needs and provide her an education. Will you stand with Henriette and provide hope for her future?