I Will Stand International

Network of Underground Safe Homes
How did this vision begin?

During the first summer of IWSI in 2012, Ashleigh Lindsey was pregnant with her first child. Instead of setting up her nursery, she was running from the father of her child. She hid in different friend's houses but was eventually found. Ashleigh was shot and later died in the hospital losing her child as well. Her full story can be read here: http://www.ashleighspatienceproject.com/ashleighs-story.html.

In prayer, Andrea, founder of IWSI, asked the Lord what could be done domestically for women in similar situations. The vision of an underground network of safehouses for women was formed. Andrea called Tara, Ashleigh's mother, and asked if an underground network of safe houses would have saved Ashleigh's life, and Tara said that it would have.

In the fall of 2012, Andrea and her husband drove from DFW to Washington DC to pick up a woman that was running for her life. She stayed in Andrea's home for 2 weeks, transitioned to another home for 3 weeks, and finally was able to be placed in a shelter. During that time we were able to see the needs and the areas that we needed to develop. In 2017, we identified our first safe home in DFW. Lowes came in and did a complete remodel of the home. Amazing volunteers have come in to make it ready for women to come live in. A program has been developed and teams have been put in place. We are excited to offer hands-on, life saving services to women in need here locally. Our vision is to keep expanding this program throughout the US so that no woman any where would ever feel unsafe or unable to seek refuge from one who is intent on destroying her in any capacity.
How does it work?
Every home and every program is individualized to meet the needs of each woman that we serve. House Leaders oversee a home of women. Approved IWSI mentors are assigned to each woman in the home to develop an individualized plan to help the woman get back up on her feet. The women meet with their mentor at least once a week to for accountability and guidance. Women in the program are expected to give back, participate in the program, and attend various IWSI events and activities. The ultimate goals of the program are to keep women safe, encourage them, help them get back on their feet, equip them with the knowledge and tools to live a successful life, and empower them to turn around and help others.

How can I help?
1. Open your home up as a safe home.

2. Become a mentor.

3. Teach a class.

4. Donate needed items. Our needs list can quickly change. Email us directly for the most updated list.

5. Financially partner. Sadly, helping people is not cheap to do. Donate today or partner on a monthly basis.

6. Pray for the women we serve, the house leaders, the ministry leaders, and the volunteers who make all of this possible need your prayers. It is not easy work.

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